Friday, September 10

Paisley's Photo Shoot With Mommy

Paisley was all into posing for the camera this morning.  I decided to seize the moment and get a few pictures of my sweet lady.  Picture taking at my house has gotten a lot better than a few months ago.  I just need to take out my camera more often. 

I think we may head out the beach this weekend.  Paisley has been talking about going for several weeks and I want to go before the water gets cold.  Granna and Pop bought the kids some really nice sand toys.  I know they will be trying them out if we go. 

Enjoy your weekend, I know I will :)

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! she is really working it for the camera, huh? IO agree, you have to take the moment when they allow it.

oddly enough, Celie is REALLY into having her picture taken now that Libby is here and I am taking pictures of her. No one saw that coming, huh? ;)

Sweet pictures of your little lady. I hope you all made it to the beach this weekend!