Tuesday, September 14

It Didn't Happen

Well, the beach did not happen this past weekend.  When we woke up Saturday morning, neither Adam nor I were the least bit interested in going.  We talked about all the work it takes to go and then the drive.  We are not ones to stay more than a couple of hours, so it is a lot just to turn around and have to drive back home.  We have fun going when we have company or when we are closer to a beach but I guess that is why we never go just as our little family. 

Since we weren't headed to the beach, Adam and I decided to work on our landscape a little.  There were weeds that needed to be pulled and the yard needed to be mowed.   We also headed over to Lowes for a few plants to add to what we already have.  I will stop there and say, "if you want good deals on plants, this is the time of year to get them."  We found some not so perfect plants in the back for half the price.  We even found some trees, which are pretty pricey if you buy the mature ones. 

Paisley and Britt enjoyed being our little helpers in the garden center and getting the amount of plants we asked them to.  We even made a math game out of it.  They really had fun.  When we got home, we put Paisley down for her nap and then Britt came out in the yard to be our helper.  His help consisted of A LOT of talking and very little help ;) 

Maybe next weekend we will get to the beach.  Britt starts soccer soon and that will pretty much tie up every Saturday morning for a while.  I know he will enjoy it though, so that is all that matters.

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Anonymous said...

Oh all the talking. remember when they were little babies and we couldn't wait to hear them talk? And now we just want a little quiet time every now and then. At least, that is the case with me. I hope you all had a nice time doing family landscaping. It sounds like you did!