Thursday, September 9

Dos Amigos

Britt still seems to enjoy school and it makes me so happy.  We (Adam and I)  have been wondering how he has been doing behaviour wise, since he hasn't had much classroom experience.  Everyday he tells us he was very good and then proceeds to tell us the names of all the children who get in trouble.  We kind of find that hard to believe since he has a gift to gab but what can we do if the teacher doesn't say anything and our only source is the five year old himself.  (Adam did ask the teacher one day and she just said good and then walked off. ) 

Well, this week Mrs. Young started a new thing where she sends home a picture of a stop light and a sticker corresponding to the child's behaviour that day.  Britt got a green light the first day and a yellow light yesterday.  He told me he got the yellow light because he didn't raise his hand to ask questions in science class.  That did not surprise me one bit.  I talked to him about it and he made me a promise he was going to be a good boy today.  He even asked God to help him be a good boy in his prayers last night, which I thought was so cute.  His prayers (and mine) were answered because he got a green light again today!

Paisley has adjusted to the time it is just she and I.  We get to spend lots of quality time together and she seems to be enjoying it.  The highlight of her day is going to pick up her brother and seeing all the kids sitting on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up.  The funny thing to me though is, as most siblings close in age do, they always fight about something before we even make it back to the house. 

In case you are wondering, potty training is still going pretty well.  Most of the accidents are when we are out of the house.  I do have to put a diaper or pull up on Paisley when she sleeps because sometimes she goes and sometimes she doesn't.  We will work on that more after we get daytime training down pat.  I am really going to have to cut out her liquid intake closer to bedtime to help her with that.  I just haven't decided how long before bed that should be.  The kids both go to bed at 8:00pm now. 

Well, that is life at our house, nothing too exciting.  I like it that way though:)


The Traveling Turtle said...

it sounds like things are going great! Not that you asked for advice, but when I started cutting off liquid with Celie before bed, I made her last drinks of liquid be those she had at dinner. We eat at 6 and bedtime is at 7:00. I think as long as it was 7:30 or so for you, she would be fine going right before bed and getting what she has had out. I think our Dr. told us that 20 minutes is the general rule for liquids taking their course. I am really proud of her for doing so well! And of Britt for being such a good boy!

Cute pictures of the kids, they are so grown up!

The White Whimsies said...

Thanks for the info on the liquids. I will take helpful advice anyday. Especially from someone who has had good results.