Tuesday, July 19

Gulf Word.... Again

Part of Britt's birthday presents from my Mom and sister Bobbi was money for him to do a fun activity.  He was set on going to Gulf World (he went there for his school field trip as well) , so that is what we did last Friday. 

It was raining in the morning and we really weren't sure whether to actually go or postpone but we decided to brave the rain and I am so glad we did. 

Britt even got chosen to be a trainer as part of the sea lion show.  It was a really fun experience for him. Although, I think he was a little intimidated by the huge sea lion.  He told me later he was glad the sea lion didn't kiss him. 

Paisley went along as well and was such a good girl. She is really getting a lot better about listening to us and just going with the group.

Alligator Bait

Granna & her kiddos

My little explorers

Ti Ti along with her "Cheese and Giblet"

Who's mouth is bigger?

See you later :-)
Thank You Granna, Pop Pop, Uncle Steve & Aunt Bobbi!!!!


The Traveling Turtle said...

That is fun. I used to work at a place like this when I was in high school and even at 16-18, I was afraid of the sea lions kissing me. They are super strong (and their whiskers are pokey). We have a picture of me practicing with a "new to the show" sea lion, Kyle, and I was leaning as far away as I could and puffing my cheek out so he did not have to get very close. :) What a cool gift. I am sure he will remember that for a very long time!

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