Tuesday, August 30

It's That Time Again

This was as good as it got.  You should see the other picture :)

School officially started back for Britt on August 15th (I know I am two weeks late, better late than never.)  I think he was excited about going.  Not quite as much as starting kindergarten but there was still enthusiasm.  Britt really likes his teacher and he even has a few kids from his class last year which made it easier for him.  It was cute this morning Britt asked me what day he gets to sleep all day.  He goes to bed at 8:00 pm but doesn't usually go to sleep until after 9:00 pm which makes him tired in the mornings.  I feel for him because I would have trouble falling asleep when it is still day light as well.  His room is pretty dark.  I think it is just the idea of it. 

Miss Paisley also gets to go to school.  This year she has started Pre-K.  She only goes half a day but LOVES it.  I had not planned on her attending school this year but it worked out for us to send her and I am happy now that we are able to.  It gets her used to going to school and gives me a little down time to get things done without a toddler under foot.  That way when the kids are home I can focus more on them than doing house work or something else. 

I really can't believe both of my kids are old enough to be in school.  Time has gone by so quickly. 


The Traveling Turtle said...

cute pictures. I totally understand what you mean about having a little down time. Libby and Celie both went for a day out about 4 times this summer and I had no idea what to even do! I only sat at home and read a book one of the times, but even that one time was nice. I used my other free time to get errands done. It is so hot but it is even hotter when you have a one year old strapped on you and 2 kids to get out and put in the car 5 times for a trip to Panama. :) Enjoy your mornings "off". :)

Kandice said...

awe :/ i'm so anxious for these days. i may have five years or a little less to go but you and i both know that with children, those years go all too quickly.

new follower!

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