Saturday, April 2

Still Here, I Think ;-)

We are all moved and semi settled into our temporary living space (we are staying with Adam's parents until we find a place to live.)  I feel bad because I have not really posted anything lately but with everything going on I put this blog on the back burner.  Hopefully, it will not be the case for long. 

When I say we have had a lot going on, that is a major understatement.  Not only have we moved, my dog bit someone, Paisley swallowed a penny, Adam's Dad had major surgery, Adam is in the process of passing a kidney stone, and I am sure there is more I am not thinking of right now.  Despite all this I have had an unexplainable peace that I can only accredit to God's grace.  Without Him, I would be a mess right now. 

Britt is all registered for school and is supposed to start on Monday.  He hasn't really said much about it but knowing him he is not that concerned.  We took the kids to the church we will be attending this past Wednesday night and they both had so much fun.  In Britt's words, "It was awesome."

I am anxious for things to become normal again.  Hopefully, sooner than later.  I have a review coming up next week so stay tuned for that.

Have a great weekend!


Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids said...

oh my.. when it rains it pours! : )
Sending you many hugs..
xoxo Crystal Lynn

melody-mae said...

visiting from ftlob and must say you blog just exudes fun spring to me. very refreshing and feel good colors!

i agree when it rains it pours. hugs coming at ya!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I am following you from the blog hop. If you would like to follow me back you can at Please stop by for book club if you are interested.--Connie

P.s. my hubby had a kidney stone we couldn't get rid of and we finally broke it up using apple cider vinegar. Dilluted. I know yucky but it worked and we didn't have to have surgery. hth