Wednesday, September 1

What's My Surprise Today?

Britt has gotten several packages over the last several weeks because of school starting.  Well, now everyday he asks me, "What is my surprise today?"  I did take him to get an ice cream one day last week and a milkshake yesterday since he had a "off" day but obviously that won't happen too often.  He is so hopeful that I hate to say that there isn't a surprise today.  Maybe, I will start planning activities like the park or swimming in the pool and make those his fun surprises. 

I ended up making a huge mistake as a parent today.  Most days Britt gets off at 1:45 pm.  On Wednesdays, he gets off early at 12:30 pm.  I am usually about 15 minutes early to pick him up and today I thought I was acting no different.  Well,  about 1:15 pm I get a call from the school telling me that they have Britt in the office and that I need to come pick him up.  I immediately jumped up, grabbed Paisley and headed to the school.  On my way, I called to let them know I was coming. 

When I got there, I went straight to the office. Britt was sitting in the waiting area and happy as can be.  I apologized to the lady and she then reminded me about the early dismissal on Wednesday.  I felt horrible.  I apologized to Britt and he said the sweetest thing, "Don't worry Mommy I am not mad at you."  I even apologized again and he reminded me that he already told me he was not mad at me.  What a sweet little man I have :)  I still feel horrible about it but I know this isn't the first or the last mistake I will make as a parent. 

I guess that was my "surprise"  today!

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Punkin said...

He is a sweetie, I just love the little things children say. And the other post, I have done the very same thing before. The only thing mine were not happy campers at all. And I am so happy Hayle decited to play with Britt.