Wednesday, September 1

Life in Our House

Well, kindergarten has been "Awesome" until yesterday.  Britt told me he didn't have the best day because Haley, a girl in his class, would not play with him.  He told me she had a new boy she played with.  He was so upset that he told his teacher.  She told him there was really nothing she could do about it.  Adam and I tried telling him last night and this morning to venture out and try and play with some new people.  He said okay but was a little reluctant.  He will come around.  It is sad to see him upset about it though.

In other news, I didn't blog about this but most of you already know Adam was in an accident a few weeks ago.  A lady pulled out in front of him and he had no time to stop his truck.  He was not hurt, which I am very thankful for.  The bad news is that his truck got messed up in the front and needs some repair.  Adam contacted our insurance and then was told to contact the other ladies since she was at fault.  We don't have anything but the minimum on our insurance due to the age of the truck and come to find out the lady in the other car did not have insurance on her vehicle at the time.  Please pray that something will work out for us in that situation.  I had been driving Adam to work everyday since Britt started school but the drive back and forth was getting old, so last night I told Adam I was going to drive the truck to pick up Britt since it is only a short distance.  Adam doesn't want to drive it until it is fixed, which I can totally understand.  With Britt's soccer coming up we definitely need two functioning vehicles. 

I know this post isn't the most uplifting to read but it is life and not everything is peachy all the time.  Things will get better and I take comfort in knowing - God is in control!

*Update:  Haley decided to play with Britt today.  He is a happy boy :)

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