Tuesday, May 25

Random Park Pictures

These pictures were taken at a local park. I have to admitt, I was holding my breath while Paisley was on the merry go round. There was a little boy pushing it and I was afraid she might let go and get hurt but she rode it like a big girl.

Both kids had fun at the park. Britt is so over me taking his picture. He gives me a really annoyed look whenever I try, so there might not be as many pictures of him as there are of Paisley to post.

The bottom pictures were taken on the ride home from the park. Everyone was so hot and sweaty and ready for a bath.


The Traveling Turtle said...

cute pictures! What a novel idea, too... a prak that has some shade. I am sure it has been brutal there like it has been here - just too hot! They look like they had a blast though!

The White Whimsies said...

You are right, I can't understand having these parks without some sort of shade. It has been extremely hot here lately.