Tuesday, May 25

This NEVER Happens

Paisley fell asleep on the chair before naptime. She NEVER does this in the house. The only time she falls asleep without you telling her to go to bed is in the car. First time ever! She and Britt were dancing to the chipmunks sing a long and next thing I knew it was really quiet. Britt was playing somewhere else and Paisley was there zonked out on the chair. I was even able to move her to her bed and she slept for two hours more.

FYI: Yes, she is wearing a diaper. She had been having so many accidents and not paying attention that I just didn't feel like she was ready. I am going to try again the end of next month and see how that goes.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

What in the world? That doesnt happen at our house either (although she did fall asleep in her high chair at Jen's one time)... Paisley must have played her little heart out. :)

And the potty training will come in time when she is ready, I am sure. No need for everyone to be stressed out about it. :) At least she will still fit INTO a diaper - that is a plus!