Wednesday, May 19

New Bunk Beds

Recently, we have been thinking of purchasing the kids bunk beds for their room. Paisley is now old enough to be in a big girl bed and it would give them so much more room in their bedroom.

There was a nicer development that was having a community yard sale this past weekend, so my sister, her husband, the kids and I decided to go (Adam had to work.) We found tons of good deals on really nice stuff including this bunk bed set. I was so happy with the find and the kids love it. Britt gets the top bunk and Paisley sleeps on the bottom. We also have a third bunk that can be put next to the bottom one to create king sized bed when company comes. The lady even threw in a thick king sized mattress topper for the price.

We couldn't have asked for a better deal and the wood is very sturdy and kid tough which is so necessary.


The Traveling Turtle said...

AWESOME! You can tell they love it already! I love finding good deals on stuff like that.

Punkin said...

Well I am so glad that they have the regular twin for bunks I always liked them, just a little scary that someone will fall out of bed though.