Tuesday, April 20

Update on Paisley

Paisley is really doing well with not demanding and screaming about things when she wants them. I can't say she gets it everytime but we have made major progress in that area.

Potty training is also progressing. She has only had one accident in the last few days with #1 and continues to go #2 in the potty everytime. She has gone in her diaper at night and a few times when we have been out and about. I really need to work on limiting her drink intake before bed.

Paisley either wears a dress that she can just hike up or a longer shirt so, she doesn't have to full with the bottoms right now. That decision may haunt me in the future but it seems to be working now. I do not try to force her to use the potty and I try not to ask very often because she clearly gets annoyed when I ask.

Thank you Sarah for the words of encouragement you left in the comments on my other post. Things are definitely looking up :)

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Anonymous said...

YAY for Paisley! She is such a big girl.

I am a firm believer in the no panties or shorts/bottoms while they are in the middle of really training. I think it is a huge help for them and for us! It must feel pretty great for them, too. Just imagine a life of diapers and then all that wonderful freedom. I think you are doing a great job! Keep up the great work! We are so proud of you, Paisley!!!!