Tuesday, April 20

Britt and his little Buddy

Britt found this little guy outside and they have been best buddies ever since (at least as far as Britt is concerned. The toad, maybe not so much:) He calls him Mr. Greenie even though it is quite obvious he is not green.

Britt played outside with him and when he decided to come in, guess who came in with him? He even took him in the bathtub with him which are the pictures you see above. I am afraid of the time I have to announce he needs to go back outside because it will probably result in pure devestation. I just feel bad letting him hold the poor little thing captive too long.


The Traveling Turtle said...

You are a better woman/mom than I!!!!! I am pretty sure I would have had a heart attack if there was a toad/frog anywhere near me. :)I am a whimp. I used to collect and play with them all the time but now the thought of them makes me skin crawl. He does really seem to be having a fantastic time with him, though. Poor little guy - I bet he will be sad. Cute pictures!

The White Whimsies said...

I have never been scared of frogs, toads, lizards, worms, etc. I guess that is a good thing because Britt likes to collect them all. Now if it is a snake or rat I won't get anywhere near it.

By the way, Britt chose to get rid of the toad himself. He said it hopped too much and it needed to get back to its family (that is something we tell him a lot about animals/ bugs.)

I was happy about the non-tragic ending.