Friday, April 16

Terrible Twos and Potty Training

Paisley is definitely in the midst of her terrible twos right now. Anything that is not her idea just is not going to happen. I understand there is a communication barrier at this age but the screaming and whining when she doesn't get her way is exhausting at times. I have been just totally ignoring her when she requests something in a non civil tone and that seems to be helping in that area. This of course, is after I have explained to her that she needs to talk to me in her normal nice voice.

As far as potty training, things have gone down hill since we were in Pennsylvania. Before that, she actually told me at various times when she had to go both #1 and #2. I was so proud and thought we were on the verge of really being potty trained.

When we were at my Mom's, Paisley kept having accidents. I think it was a mixture of all the things going on and me not being as focused because of all that I was doing. She also used having to go potty excuse to get out of things such as not going to bed and when I would take her she wouldn't go. I ended up putting diapers back on her towards the end of the trip out of frustration. I did let her use the potty when ever she asked though.

Since being home, she has been doing great with #2 and even going without me prompting her but still has been having accidents with #1. I can't force her to go because you can't force Paisley to do anything. She is very strong willed. I know things don't happen overnight but it bothers me that she has regressed instead of progressed. I have tried the treats for going and she doesn't seem to care(Britt thinks they a great idea and wants to join in on the fun.)

I guess patience is the key and I just need to develop some in this case. I think maybe I need a time out. Maybe this weekend I will get one and be able to start out fresh.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

hang in there, i know it is frustrating when you have setbacks. Just when you think you are making great strides - BAM! It has happened to me a LOT as well.

It's better for P to be strong willed than a follower though, right? Discipline can be so difficult!!!!!