Thursday, September 10

Free At Last

No more paci!!!!!!!!!  About 4 weeks ago I decided it was time for Paisley to part with her pacifier.  She had it way longer than I wanted her to have it but, when I tried to take it away at 11 months like I did with Britt it she was devastated.  I felt so bad, I let her have it again. 

I was starting to have visions of her still with a paci at 4 years old and that scared me.  She only took one at bed time and sometimes on car rides but I still thought she was old enough to do without it. 

I started the process by cutting off the tip of the pacifier.  After I cut it I took it in to Paisley to take her nap.  She immediately threw it on the floor.  I handed it back to her and she threw it again three more times.  After that, I asked her if she wanted to throw it away since it was broken and she threw it in the trash herself.  She laid down for a minute and then cried again.  I reminded her that she threw it away because it was broken.  She seemed ok with that.  For the next several days she would cry a little but then go right to sleep.  Now she goes to bed without crying.

I am so happy she is paci free.  A little sad though about how fast she is growing up. 

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Anonymous said...

that is awesome. I have read that about cutting the tip off and glad to hear it works. We have to try weaning off the thumb some home in the not so distant future. I have no idea where to begin. I think I WAS almost 3 or 4 before I stopped sucking mine. YIKES!!!!! The thumb is a blessing and a curse, she never loses pacifiers, but I can't take her thumb away from her either. :(

Congratulations to Paisley (and you)!!!!

Sarah (too lazy to sign in)