Wednesday, September 9

Britt & the Computer

Britt loves to sit on the computer and click on pictures of different dinosaurs.  He is always bringing me one of his dinosaur books to type in the name of the dinosaur so, he can see it.  He will sit for hours and click on the pictures. 
The other day he told me to click the arrow at the top of the page to go back to the dinosaurs.  I didn't even know he knew that. 

Paisley also likes to hop onto the desk chair anytime she gets a chance to "look" on the computer.  I may have to get them their own one day or I may never get to use mine. 

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Punkin said...

Oh my word, Britt looks like a computer "geek" too funny. I had horror thoughts about his hair but it looks good. Please Adam let little mans hair grow out for a cute spike. But it doesn't matter he's a doll no matter what "do" he has.