Thursday, September 17

Britt's First Time Minature Golfing

We took a spur of the moment trip to Orlando last weekend.  We didn't plan to do any attractions.  We just wanted to hang out at the pool and do little things here and there.  One of the things we decided to do was go minature golfing.  We saw one that was dinosaur themed and knew Britt would really enjoy it so we decided to go there. 

Britt was funny trying to get the ball in the hole.  He would try to hit it and miss or hit it too far so, most of the time he just picked the ball up and placed it close to the hole to tap it in.  It was really cute watching him try to play.  Paisley was in her stroller most of the time.  We did let her get out when we were waiting for a larger party to finish playing their hole.  She tried to hit the ball but the club was way too tall for her to swing very well. 

We paid for one game and had another one free but, it was so hot that we stopped at just one round.  After we got done golfing, we decided to go the the Outlet malls.  I didn't find any really great deals but it was fun just to look.

We really had a nice weekend.  It was fun just to get away and spend time with just our little family.   

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The Traveling Turtle said...

what a great memory that will be! I used to LOVE going to put put golf. I love all the new pictures!

glad you all had a great time. Family time is so great. I have been guilty of taking advantage of it before but when you are not able to have it for a long time, you realize what you are missing. I bet the kids had a blast (the young kids and the older kids :) )