Sunday, September 6


These two little monkeys are crazy.  I keep saying how hot the stove is.   I guess they are going to have to learn the hard way sometime. 

Paisley has been wanting to help all the time lately.  She gets a little chair from Britt's table set he got for his birthday and pulls it anywhere she wants to reach something including the sink and stove.   Britt never has never had much of a desire to help in the kitchen.  He helps out in a lot of other areas though. 


Punkin said...

Again, like father like son and daughter. I hope they don't get their little hands burned. But their daddy had to learn several times before he got the "message" that things are HOT :):)

The Traveling Turtle said...

don't you love how kids always smile so big when they are doing something they know is wrong?

The White's said...

They probably think if they smile cute enough they will get away with whatever they are trying to do.