Thursday, August 27


Britt asked me this morning, where his Daddy was? I responded that he was at work. He then asked me if his Daddy took his lunch with him? I guess he is so used to me telling Adam not to forget his lunch.

Then he asked me "You know what's aggravating me?"
His Answer= "Babies that say mine." Apparently Paisley said that recently.

When he really likes what someone does for him, he tells them they are a genius. I was one yesterday when I said about going swimming.

It is so cute to hear what comes out of his mouth on a daily basis. He is constantly absorbing information and using it later.


The Traveling Turtle said...

what a smart little cookie.

Aunt Sarah doesn't like when babies say mine either. I guess I am out of luck though. Celie likes to tell Lilly NOOOOOO before she says "mine" when Lilly is trying to take something of hers.

Cute for now, but I am with Britt for the long run. Thankfully, they can grow out of that stage. :)

Punkin said...

Oh my little man is full of wisdom :):) The things that come out of that sweet little mouth, soooooo smart!!!!!