Monday, August 31

Target Incident

On Friday, Adam emailed me from work and wanted Britt, Paisley, and I to come eat lunch with him. I was happy to take him up on it and picked up Chick-fil-A for all of us to eat. We ate in the car and then Adam took the kids in briefly to his work to show them off.

While I was out I decided to stop by Target and shop a little bit. In the middle of shopping I had to go to the bathroom and since I had not put anything in the cart yet I went ahead. I pushed the cart back the hall and into the bathroom. I didn't have the stroller with me and did not want Paisley to touch everything in the dirty bathroom while I was unable to tend to her. This was a HUGE mistake on my part. The way the bathroom is set up, you walk through a short hallway. Straight ahead is a changing table and off to either side are stalls with sinks across from them. The bathroom is rather small.

Well, right when I walked in there was an electric scooter parked by the changing table and a person changing her baby on it. I was stuck standing in the little hallway until she finished changing her baby which was fine.

Next thing I know, I hear this old lady saying, "She pushed her buggy in there." She, I assume from what I could hear rode her electric scooter up to the bathroom door, got off, and was coming through the bathroom door. She immediately told me to move very rudely. When I told her I could not move any closer to the wall because my son was standing there, she spouted off that he isn't a brick and pushed my cart to the side. She then marched right to the handicapped stall. Then some other woman walked by me and mumbled that she always changed her kid where ever. I apologized to the lady changing her child's diaper and explained that I should not have brought the cart in there but was trying to prevent my daughter from touching everything. She was very understanding and said she would have done the same thing. Once the old lady was done using the bathroom I used the handicapped stall because that was the only one Britt, Paisley, and I could all fit in.

While I was in there, I heard her tell the same woman that made the comment about changing the diaper something like, "If she gets in my way again, I am going to take that kid." The other woman cackled laughing. Thinking back about it, they were probably together.

I realize that I should have just taken Paisley out of the cart and not taken that big thing in the bathroom but once I was in I was stuck. I can not believe how rude people can be sometimes. It is like they are mad at the world and do not dare get in the way because they will run you over. I guess I should have said something to that lady but my natural reaction was to be embarrassed and some what hurt. The only thing I knew to do was pray and ask God to help me and my attitude about the whole situation. That did make me feel better. Believe me, I will NEVER take a cart in the bathroom again.


The Traveling Turtle said...


How rude! I don't understand how certain people have no feelings at all and just say whatever is on their mind. Like if you are offended by what they said then it is your fault. I mean, I see the point to you wanting and needing the cart in the bathroom. those things are nasty and kids get so germy in places like that. It makes total sense.

I am sorry she treated you so terribly.

The White's said...

Thank you the supportive comment Sarah :) It is nice to see that someone feels the same way about the situation that I did.