Thursday, December 2

Stor'em Cord Organizer

 I love Christmas time.  Especially all the decorations that go up making everything so cheery.  We usually put ours up right after Thanksgiving, if not before.   What I do not like is dealing with the Christmas lights.  Somehow, even though we try to roll them and store them neatly in the bottom of the ornament box, they wind up all tangled.  This sometimes causes the strand of lights to be partially or fully burnt out.  I really dislike purchasing Christmas lights before the holidays when they are at their full price.  I am cheap that way.

Recently, I was given the chance to try out the STOR'EM Cord Organizer.  This system eliminates tangles and also prevents the thin wire breakage that causes lights to no longer work.  The box I received included 2 spools to wind the lights onto and a cordless screwdriver as well as a hex connect for faster winding. 

I already put up my Christmas lights by the time I was able to try out this system but I did keep some strands of lights that no longer work to test it out. 

My Thoughts:

With the cordless screwdriver attached, it took no time to wind up the lights.  I am anxious to really put the STOR'EM Cord Organizer to the test after the holidays.  It will be great to have the lights neatly stored away on spools for next year. 


  • Eliminates Tangles
  • Each Spool Holds 4 to 6 Strings of Lights
  • Easy To Use & Easy To Store
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Mini Lights
  • Saves Time, Saves Money
  • Extends the life of lights
  • Forward and Reverse

You can go from this.....


To this......
To see more information about STOR'EM Cord Organization you can visit their website at  They are also available to purchase on QVC here .
Disclosure:  This is my honest opinion.  I was sent this product in exchange for my review.  A big "Thank You" to STOR'EM Cord Organizer and  To view my full disclosure click on the link at the top of the page. 





Kim said...

I am your newest follower from Buzz on Thursday:) Hope you can follow me back!

mskanorado said...

Sweet! Great idea!! Might just have to add that to my Christmas gift list!