Thursday, November 4

Halloween Recap

Halloween was almost a week ago now and I am just posting this.  Better late than never......

Saturday night we drove about 35 minutes away to Alachua.  The town closed their Main St and had different banks, churches, and local businesses lining the street giving out candy.  When we first got there, it was nice because it wasn't as crowded but as it got later we had to really stay close together or we would get seperated by the crowds.  To end the night a church down the street was giving away hot dogs and had a bouncy house to play in.  The kids both had a blast bouncing away when it was their turn. 

On Sunday evening, we headed over to BOO At The Zoo.  We have a local zoo that is run by Santa Fe College and each year they have trick or treating around the zoo.  This year it was held outside in front of the zoo because they didn't want to disturb one of the animals that was just born.  The set up was really cute.  We walked in a line around the sidewalk and each scene was different:  A Bug's Life, Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard Of Oz, and Little Red Riding Hood.  Britt and Paisley had fun getting candy from the characters and saying hi and waving to all of them.  I wasn't sure how Paisley would do but she was a trooper. 

We had a great Halloween.  I hope everyone else did too. 

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Scented Leaf said...

Seems like they had a great Halloween day!