Monday, August 9

Last Several Weeks (Random Pics)

It has been a little while since I posted last. We left to visit our family in Port St Joe and for Adam to go to a camp meeting in Panama City about two weeks ago. We had a nice time. It was great to have Adam off for an extended amount of time. We stayed there for almost a week.

Here is our group (minus Punkin and I) waiting for our table at Joe Mama's Resturant in Port St Joe.

This was taken in the hospital lobby after our new little niece Libby was born. The kids had a blast with their cousin Celie.

Pop Pop and Paisley coloring their masterpiece.

Just a random cute picture of the kids.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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Anonymous said...

all of the pictures are so cute and I love Paisley's drawing. I would say it is a masterpiece. Maybe she will be artistic too. :) I heard Celie had a great time with her cousins as well and that everyone could use a nice break from hearing the theme song for Veggie Tales for a few weeks. I have to admit I am glad I was absent for that one. I have done that song so many time with Celie, I am glad she has moved on to new prey.