Saturday, July 24

Where Do Babies Come From?

That question has been asked quite a few times in our house lately by Britt. His one theory was that if you eat too much you will grow a baby. While a person may look like they are growing a baby, that just isn't true. Just clarifying for those of you out there that believe that particular one.

I wasn't exactly sure how to answer the question to a five year old and not get too in depth, so Adam and I headed to our local library for some help. Some of the books were way too graphic for a 5 year old but we were pleased when we found the one above. It gives just the right amount of information without all the details. I asked Britt if he had any questions after we read it and he didn't. That was a miracle because anyone who knows Britt knows he is full of questions 24/7. The child NEVER stops talking unless he is asleep. He is one smart cookie because of it.

In other news, Britt was saying his prayers last night and he asked if he could pray that he would meet a nice friend in when he starts school. I told him that was a great idea. I really hope he does meet some nice friends that come from families with good values. That is what I am most nervous about with him starting school. I know he will do well acedemically but I am a little concerned with all the outside influences he will have.

We got his backpack and now I am in search of a nice lunch bag. I was thinking of getting him one that I can have his name monogrammed on with no characters that will still be apropriate next year. I like the ones from Pottery Barn, Lillian Vernon, and Lands End. I just haven't decided which one yet. It would be great to go into a local store to buy one and have it monogrammed but I don't really know of any.

Enjoy, the rest of your weekend! I am anxiously waiting on the news about our neice Libby being born and I know that there are many others excited too.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

I think outside influences must be every parent's nightmare.... I know I worry about it with daycare and church (believe it or not). It would be nice if we did not have to worry about it, huh?

I think PBK has free shipping on their stuff right now, and the monogrammed stuff comes in SO fast. I ordered some stuff for Libby's room Monday and it was here (in the middle of nowhere) by Thursday! I also some some really nice bags at TJ Maxx the other day that you could always take to get done somewhere. I am sure whatever you choose will be great and he will love it! What a big boy!