Tuesday, July 20

*Paisley is wearing the super cute top my Mom made her :)

Our weekend was pretty laid back. My parents left Saturday morning to head over to my sister's house, so we decided to run some errands. We were going to go the Five Guys for lunch but it had just opened and was packed full of people, so we decided to wait until the newness dies down before going there. If you haven't eaten at a Five Guys, they are pretty good as long as you like burgers and fries. We ended up going to Too Jay's, a resturant that specializes in sandwiches but has other things to choose from. That was our first visit there and we really liked it. Adam got a burger and I got a BLT. Both our meals were pretty tasty.

After that, we headed over to the strip malls to do some shopping. Adam got some pillows and a bed spread for his new "Man Space." He decided he was going to make our spare room his own and moved a good majority of his books in there. He wants to have a quiet place to read and relax. The room does look nice but the kids have already invaded it by taking all their blankets and big stuffed animals in there to watch TV.

We also browsed Best Buy and on our way out there was a man signing people up for the newspaper. We had been thinking of having the Sunday paper delivered, so we took him up on his offer. It's like $9.00 a month for the Sunday, Saturday, and Thursday paper, so we didn't think that was too bad.

We ended up our day with a trip to Sam's. I buy most of my meat there and a few other items and then either shop at a grocery store or Super Walmart for the sides. It's kind of a pain to go to two different stores but so worth it to get Sam's meat.

The rest of our weekend was event free. We thought of going to the beach but that didn't happen and it is just as well. We needed time to just relax.


Anonymous said...

the top is really adorable. It looks like a dress I have seen my mom in when she was a teenager. I love that style. And I love Sam's meat. You really save money buy getting it there and portioning it out. It IS a pain going to 2 stores, but it does save money and you get everything you need that way. I am a big fan of their members mark stuff. The MM diapers are my favorites. The only downfall is that they only come in sizes 3-5. I am glad you all had time to catch up and relax a little, it is always a nice thing to do especially after company leaves.


Punkin said...

Too cute - I should be ashamed I know how to sew and haven't made my girls one thing. I need a good easy pattern that can be used in different ways. I will try and do better as now I will have 3 little girls. I actually LOVE Britt's hair.