Tuesday, June 29

Fun Times with Meme and Papa

Check out Britt's Hiney ;)

Meme and Papa came for a visit this past weekend to help celebrate Britt's birthday. They stayed at a Country Inn and Suites and the kids stayed with them there. There was lots of pool time and fun. Paisley and Meme even went shopping Saturday morning just the 2 of them. I thought that was pretty cute.

Adam and I went to the hotel to visit everybody off and on, so we got to enjoy the pool too. The only bad thing was that the pool was indoors, so the chemicals were all most intoxicating. Adam's Dad opened the door at one point to try and let some of the fumes out. Britt's little eyes were so red from swimming under water and opening his eyes.

Friday night, there were some boys at the pool that were older than Britt. He made friends with them and started doing everything they were doing jumping off the side of pool and flipping. We may just have a little surfer dude on our hands. I wish I would have gotten some video or pictures of it because it was really cute.

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