Saturday, March 13

That's Awesome :)

That is Paisley's new favorite quote to say right after she pee pees or poo poos in the the potty. I have made it a personal goal this week to occupy my mind with potty training Paisley. She is doing a great job. At first, we had a few accidents but overall she is doing really well. She even sat down and went poo poo without me having to prompt her to go today. I am so very proud of her. I agree, That's Awesome;) She also goes around giving everyone that is here high fives.

Another thing she likes to say is, "I'm a hungry baby" I don't know why but that is so cute to me. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is still my baby though.

My sister Bobbi is coming tomorrow for a short visit and is leaving Monday before supper time. We are excited for her visit. Britt has been counting down the days until she gets here. I know we will all have a great time.

In other news, please keep my grandmother in your prayers. She had a seizure Tuesday morning and had to be taken to the hospital. They had her in a medicine induced coma for a few days and have since weaned her off the medicine. She has a small cyst on her brain that seems to be causing the seizures but the surgeon doesn't feel like he should operate on her due to her age. She is 84. He did say she is otherwise a healthy person. The last I heard she has not woken up and is still relying on a ventilator to keep her breathing. Please pray that she will wake up and that she will be ok.

Today has been a beautiful day weather wise. I LOVE it:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


The Traveling Turtle said...

so did you get a new camera? That is a cute picture!

We are so proud of Paisley! It is a massive milestone to have poop in the potty. Celie surprised me by doing it 3 times Friday and once so far today all by herself. She really likes to poop there, and I am so glad. I am OVER changing diapers on a squirmy worm. At least newborns lay pretty still for a while. ;) Our girls are getting so big! I am so proud of them both!!!!


The White Whimsies said...

No, I haven't gotten a camera yet. That is a picture I took before mine broke.

I agree about changing diapers on a wiggle worm. Paisley also thinks it's fun to run away when she knows you are going to change her.

It's great to hear that Celie is poop pooing in the potty. I knew it wouldn't be long until she did.

You're right, they are growing up so fast. Almost too fast if you ask me:)

Punkin said...

YaY for Paisley!!!! PooPooing on the potty is the BEST....
I am glad that Bobbi is coming for a visit. I know Britt was telling me last night one more day.
We will keep grandmother in our prayers that she will recover and be well.