Wednesday, March 10

Letter Sounds

Britt doing a great job with his letter sounds.

Paisley is like a little parrot. Everything that Britt does she trys to do. I am amazed sometimes the things she picks up much earlier than Britt did. She has a great big brother to teach her.


Punkin said...

My smart babies!!!! Too cute and sweet.If you decide to teach Britt at home Paisley will probably be at the same level, she is a smart little copy-cat!!!

The Traveling Turtle said...

awesome! Do they have a DVD that taught them this? If so, what is it called? I have read a lot of reviews on certain ones, but am always more inclined to use something I have SEEN work.

Great job, guys!

The White Whimsies said...

They learned the letter sounds from the DVD Leapfrog- Letter Factory. It really keeps their attention well.