Monday, March 8

Potty Chair

This morning I saw Paisley's baby doll potty chair (like the one pictured above) sitting next to her big potty chair. I thought the kids must have been playing babies and really didn't give it much thought or bother to move it at the time.

Britt and Paisley played outside this morning since the weather was so nice. Then they came in and got a bath. Britt got out first and got dressed. Paisley said she wanted to stay in a little longer. Next thing I knew Paisley ran out and told Adam she pee peed in the potty. He was congratulating her and then showed me that she had pee peed like a big girl in the baby doll potty. She went on the potty and that was all that mattered to us. She was so proud of herself.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

that is cute. Celie has one of those baby pottys too. We are trying everything we know of to get her "into" getting out of diapers. ;) She tried and tried to sit on the baby's potty many times and I finally had to restrict it from the bathroom.

I am so proud of Paisley!!!!!! GO PAISLEY!!!!!!