Sunday, March 7

No Camera

I am sad to announce that while I was out of commission last week little hands got a hold of my camera and some how managed to break it. When I turn the camera on the shutter keeps opening and closing and then eventually tells me to turn the power off and then back on. I try that and the same thing happens all over again. The screen is also black except for menu options.

I can't blame anyone in particular but I am guessing it was the infamous Brittman because I saw a few pictures on the camera of our dog Hannah and some pictures of a Dora the Explorer movie I know I did not take.

Adam told me he wasn't going to get me another camera because I didn't let him throw away all the kids toys as punishment to them for breaking things. Clearly, he was overreacting a tad ;-) Hopefully, he changes his mind. I haven't taken many pictures lately because of life circumstances but I can't stand not having a camera available for all of life's fun moments.


Punkin said...

OK, where do I begin on things "Adam" has broken, here is a short list. 3-4 cordless phones (when they were expensive)down the toilet,14ct gold beads chewed and non wearable, any thing that had a antenna it got bent i should go on but I won't. So "chill" Adam:0)

The Traveling Turtle said...

you HAVE to have a camera to take pictures of your kids with. It is just the way it is....