Tuesday, January 19

A Surprise Visit

We got a spur of the moment visit this past weekend from Adam's parents. It was nice because we thought about getting one of our projects done around the house but the rental place we needed the supplies from was closed and wouldn't open again until Monday. That was not really enough time for us to get everything done.

Mike and Punkin arrived here Sunday afternoon and stayed until Monday evening. You can see more details of the visit here www.thefamilywhite.blogspot.com on Punkin's blog.

As always, here are some pictures from their visit. I bet you can't tell that Britt and Paisley love their Meme and Papa.

Lunch at Sonny's

Sharing ice cream with Meme :)

Fun at the Park

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The Traveling Turtle said...

those are all really cute pictures. :) I know the kids had as much fun as the adults did!

I wish we had a rea; park around here with nice astroturf like this one.... my mom and dad have several around them as well that are really nice and very padded just in case anyone falls. It is a FAR CRY from the "parks" we have to offer here in PSJ.