Tuesday, December 8

Paisley's Birthday

This was not the greatest idea on my part due to the huge crowd but we met Adam at Outback to celebrate Paisley's birthday.  My food was exceptionally good.  I think Paisley's favorite part was the cheese fries :-)  These were the only two pictures salvageable from the dinner.

After dinner, we took the kids over to the hospital to see the Christmas lights.  The hospital has a pond right beside it with a trail around it and a huge light display.  I will take a picture sometime.  It is really nice. 

We headed home after that for some cake and to open presents.  It was getting pretty late at that point but Paisley was still excited.

These pictures are in the order they happened.  I think is is so cute to see Paisley's candle blowing process.

Next was gift time.  Since her last party, Paisley has become a real pro at opening gifts.

Paisley loves her new kitchen.  She and her big brother cook us up all kinds of yummy food :-)  I was so excited to give it to both of them.

Britt and Paisley were off to bed after playing a little while.  I think they both were ready to crash.

The next morning when I got Paisley out of her crib, she barely said hi to me before pushing passed me to get to her new kitchen.  I guess she had breakfast to make ;-)  

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The Traveling Turtle said...

THAT is the kitchen you got from your consignment place? it is super nice! looks brand new! all the stuff in the consignments in Panama are SO worn and gross looking. I don't mind some wear and tear, but they look like they were left on the side of the road and then taken in the store after a few weeks. I loved the pictures of her blowing out her candles. It looks like she really gets the meaning of her birthday and gifts. So fun!