Tuesday, December 8

Our Christmas Trees

Paisley's Tree

Britt's Tree

The living room Tree

Decorating this year (except for the outside ) was left up to me.  Adam told me he was taking the year off.  I was a little sad.  It is nice to have someone help that is as excited about the decorations as you are.  Hopefully, this is just a one year thing. 

Last year after Christmas, we found Britt and Paisley's trees for $3 and $4 dollars at Walmart.  I was very anxious to put them up.  Now that I look at Paisley's tree,  I want to get balls and or ribbon in hot pink, lime green, and turquoise.  I think I will wait until after Christmas to get them on sale to use next year.  All of the ornaments except for just a few are from my big tree.  Each year I enjoy unwrapping the ornaments and remembering the time I got them or received them as a gift.  Hopefully, over the years we can collect some really nice ornaments for the kids to have their own special memories. 


The Traveling Turtle said...

they all look so nice. We got Celie's up last Saturday but have yet to put our tree up. The rest of the house is done and I feel the same way when we get it out every year. We got a lot of stuff in Mount Dora when we were just engaged, and it is fun to think back on those memories. :) I think they all look wonderful!

Punkin said...

The trees look so nice. I remember having Matthew and Adam a tree. I still have the ornaments from it, I am so sentimental(not spelled correctly) it is a MOTHER thing.
Paisley looks so cute at her party and I love the new kitchen!!!