Friday, November 6

Trunk or Treat

This year for Halloween we decided to take the kids to a friends church for what is called Trunk or Treat.  They had a service for the children complete with dancing to songs and a magic show that taught a biblical message.  Then afterwards, the church members went out to their cars and opened their trunks to pass out candy. 

Britt had a great time being with all the kids and singing and dancing.  Paisley, on the other hand, had a melt down when ever a new song would start.  I think maybe some of the people in the costumes scared her.  I would just get her calmed down and happy again and then another song would send her into a tizzy.  Fun times ;)

Candy time was a hit with both Paisley and Britt.  They loved going up to each car and getting candy.  It is a cute concept. 

Britt is the kid in the front.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

how fun. we used to have something similar to that in the church I grew up at. All the kids had a blast and it was obviously very safe, not to mention a great message. I bet they loved every minute of it. I tried to get Celie to say trick or treat, but she was too in awe of all the odd looking people around her.

I loved the snow pictures! I have only ever been in a dusting of snow, myself, so I would be amazed at any amount that was stuck on the ground.