Tuesday, October 27

Elephant Ears

I am not positive these are called elephant ears (although, they do resemble them.)  It may be just a name local people call them but, these gigantic things are growing in our back yard by the thousands.  This just so happens to be the biggest one I could find to take pictures.  I think I need to win a prize for biggest elephant ear grower, don't you?  

I have been wanting to take a picture of them since they were getting so big all summer but just got around to it.  The stalk probably stands about as tall as me (I know that isn't saying too much :-)  and is as wide as a small tree.  Nature sure is interesting. 

1 comment:

Punkin said...

Good lord, that is the BIGGEST elephant ear I have ever seen. You got to send it to the news paper.
They are really (I can't spell it right) philidendrom. (spell like it sounds does not always work.)