Friday, October 23

Visiting with Aunt Bobbi

My sister Bobbi took a couple days off to spend time with us so we decided to go to her house for a visit.  We really had a nice time we went to Boyds Bear Country pictured above and also went outlet shopping.  We got back so late that day that we decided to stay the night at her house rather than drive 1 & 1/2 hous back to my parents.  The next day we ate breakfast hung around her house a while and then headed back to see my parents.  We got there not too long after my Mom came home from work. 

Bobbi let the kids each pick a stuffed animal at Boyds. They didn't want a bear. Not my kids, Paisley picked an Elmo baby and Britt picked a little dog which was really cute. Britt was not interested in making a bear at all.


This apple was given to Bobbi. It is about the size of Paisley's Head.

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