Tuesday, October 27

Perry Dell Farms

Closer to the end of our visit with my family we decided to take Britt and Paisley to Perrydell Farms.  You can purchase fresh milk in their store and go back and see the cows and calfs in the barn area anytime you want to.

It was raining and cold that day so, we didn't stay long enough to bottle feed the calfs but, we did get to hand feed them their other food.  Britt had a great time feeding the calfs and seeing the cows milking process.  Paisley on the other hand was scared of them and kept her hands over her eyes most of the time. 

We had a great time despite the weather.

Mom & Dad

Milking the fake cow.

Feeding the calfs

My favorite and the friendliest calf.

Paisley trying to hide.  I think she is peeking through the holes. 

This is it as far as the pictures from the trip.  I have lots more but too many to put on here.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

I loved all the pictures and stories. It sounds like you all had a really wonderful time. There seems to be a lot of fun/educational stuff to go and see up there. I love the cow peeking over Britt's shoulder while he smiles so big. Too cute!

Thanks for posting all of these.