Sunday, October 4

Family Time

This afternoon we decided to make a trip to Sam's Club.  Adam just purchased a membership for us recently and I needed to get my picture taken so, I would have a card too. We wanted to go and get that taken care of and do some browsing. 

We went around the store for a while and then got a little hungry for lunch so, we headed to their little food court.  You can eat there really cheap if you like hot dogs or pizza.  We all got hotdogs.  Sam's sells a hotdog and drink combo for $1.70.  You can't even get something that cheap at McDonalds.  They are good too.  Sam's uses Nathan's hotdogs and potato rolls (which I really like.) 

After we were done we drove around for a while and decided to go back home.  We had a nice laid back day today.  I really enjoyed the quality time with my family. 

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The Traveling Turtle said...

you HAVE to get the berry parfait next time you go. It is like $1 and all of you will be able to share one. It is really, really good. We have been known to make a stop at Sam's for just a parfait.... You should check out their pizza they sell in the freezer section too - the Sam's brand or whatever it is. YUMMY! it is HUMONGOUS and is like $8. Let me tell you, I LOVE SAM'S CLUB!!!
I love all the new pictures! Cute!