Wednesday, September 30

What is Paisley Up to These Days?

Almost 22 Months Old

  • Paisley sings the alphabet pretty clearly.

  • Brushes her teeth and pretends to spit out the tooth paste when she is done.

  • Can count to ten with a little help.

  • Throws away trash for Mommy

  • Gets a diaper and wipes for Mommy when needed

  • Is in LOVE with Dora (she calls her Doora), Elmo, and Cookie (Coo Coo) Monster

  • Swims around the pool really well in her little vest.

  • Loves to play with her big brother Britt (Bit)

  • Picks up her bath toys and sometimes her other toys (still a work in progress)

  • Knows where her hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, belly button, ears, and hair are.

  • Loves to Dance

  • Sings:  Step By Step, You Can't Always Get What You Want,  All Around

  • Helps call the dogs in from outside

  • Likes to draw

  • Likes to play with play doh

  • Thinks most older men are named Papa

  • Loves to give Mommy hugs

  • Says: I Love You, Hannah (Hannie), Rusty, Britt (Bit), Ti Ti, Ta Ta, Papa, Pop Pop, Meme, ball, Elmo, Dora, Coca, Car, outside, bath, Mommy, Daddy, baby, park, hair, eyes, hand, nose, ear, mouth, milk, tea, juice, movie (moo moo), cup, chips, cookie, slide, swing, jump, dance, hello, cry, hi, monkey (monka), cow, duck, frog, fish, ride, walk, hooray, yay, happy, let's go, come on, cat, dog, swim, hug, kiss, drink, please, thank you, water, stop, mine, stuck, all gone, up, ok, hey, bad, eat, sing and lots more that I can not think of right now.


The Traveling Turtle said...

What a big girl! She sounds like she is Mommy's little helper.

We love you, Paisley. Keep up the good work!

Punkin said...

Meme is soooooooo proud of Paisley my sweety pie. I loved you saying, I love you in that little sweet voice. It was so clear I thought it was Britt :):)
Love you
Meme and Papa