Wednesday, July 29

Update on Injury

Since Monday afternoon I have been walking on my foot. It is a little stiff and painful after I have been on it for a while but, much better than when it first happened. I am just wearing an ace bandage on it for support and hold onto things when I first get up from sitting for a long time. Thank you for your comments and prayers.

My sister Bobbi is coming to visit today from Pennsylvania. Britt has been counting the days until she gets here. I keep telling him how many wake ups he has left. He seems to be able to understand time better that way.

We will all have a fun weekend ahead with Aunt Bobbi here :)


Punkin said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! BRITT looks just like Adam spit him out. I can not believe the little stinker. The pictures are so cute of Britt and Paisley, and her hair is getting so long. I need to get making the bows for my girls.

The Traveling Turtle said...

I am glad you are feeling better!!

I love the new layout and header. I had never heard of aqua poppy before but they have some cute stuff. Where did you get your header design? same place or did you have it done for you? I hope you have a lot of fun with your sister!!!!!!!!

The White's said...

I made the header to match at I haven't done much with it yet except the headers but it looks really neat. You can make digital scrapbooks and have them printed out.

The Traveling Turtle said...

YAY! thank you! I just made (what i think is) the cutest owl header for Celie's Second Year blog. I am in love with that site now and have wasted about 3 hours playing around on it. :) thanks!