Thursday, July 30

It Finally Happened!!!

We have been waiting for this moment for a while now. Paisley finally went to the bathroom in her little potty for the first time today. She is such a big girl! We are so proud of her accomplishment. I think she is too. We are looking forward to her possibly being out of diapers in the near future. No pressure though :)


The Traveling Turtle said...

YAY Paisley!!!!!!!!!!! what potty chair do you all use? Or do you use the seat on the toilet only? The thought is cleaning out a potty chair grosses me out, but I realize it is easier for them in the begining.

I am with you... how exciting but no pressure. We hope to be out of them by the time she turns two, but I don't want to push her too hard and make it backfire. :) Not that you all are doing that... I am just sharing my fears for us. She is not a fan of people making her do anything she is not ready for. she gets it honest so I can't really say I blame her. :)

YAY for Paisley!!!!!!!!!

The White's said...

We have the Fisher Price "Cheer For Me Potty." Paisley really seems to like it. I am with you on the not liking to clean out the potty but it seemed to work well for Britt when he trained so, I guess I will do it again. It is kind of gross but I also kept a potty where Britt's toys were so he had quick access.

There is no pressure on Paisley's part. I believe in them being ready and not just the parents being trained to catch them before they have an accident. Britt was almost 3 before he was potty trained although, I hope it is not that long with Paisley.

The Traveling Turtle said...

I think that is the one that I was looking at. Does it look kind of like a throne? :) and it makes noises as rewards when you go potty in it? We will do the same with having the seat right where she plays. Just so she can learn that is what you are supposed to do. I say do what works for you anyways. :)

The White's said...

That is the one. I thought it was pretty cute. Britt would like to use it too if I would let him although, that is not an option.