Tuesday, July 21

Paisley Playing Mama

Paisley is a little Mama to everyone. She especially likes to tell someone or something if they are bad. She even adds the shaking of her finger to let you know she means it. She is just a little lady with a big personality. I think some of the sassyness comes from being on her way to age two but its also just who she is.

The other day, we were getting ready to go out I kept telling Britt to put on his shoes. Next thing I know Paisley has his shoes and is putting them on him. I always thought Britt would be the one helping Paisley, which he does, but she does her share of taking care of him too. What a good little Mama she is.


The Traveling Turtle said...

I often wonder if Celie will be the same way. She likes to tell Lilly "no" all the time (she sure hears it enough from me). :) I think it is so sweet when little girls just instinctually take over "mothering" for everyone. I bet it is really fun to watch too!

I love all the new posts!

Punkin said...

I am so glad she finally got the little white shoes. They are soooo cute on Meme's "girls"