Wednesday, March 4

Taking the Plunge

Well, I started this blog only because I am sent new products from different manufacturers to try and then I do survey's to say how much I liked/disliked their products. Part of the agreement was to post them on my blog (which I had to create since I didn't have one).

Now I am feeling a little left out seeing everyone else's blogs and how neat they are so, I am going to attempt one for awhile. Mind you, I am a stay at home Mom and we don't get out much so, most of the entries will be about these little monkeys . Aren't they cute? Well, I know I think so.

Pictured above are Britt and Paisley. Britt is 3& 1/2 and Paisley is 15 months. They love each other so much, at least as long as nobody is taking a toy from the other one.

Britt is as outgoing as any one child can be. You never know what he is going to say next and he doesn't meet anyone that is a stranger to him. I really hope he keeps this quality throughout life. I think it will be an asset to him. He loves to be my helper and I do let him feed the dogs, let them out, help me sort the laundry, etc. He doesn't think of it as work, just fun and it is teaching him responsibilty.

Paisley on the other hand is a little timid. It takes her a little bit to warm up to new people but once she does she is a little character. She is pretty fiesty too but I think that comes from having to defend herself from her brother and our little dog who runs around a mile a minute. She is also Britt's parrot. She really doesn't say much unless she is mimicking Britt.

It is amazing the differences between them. Britt likes to run around the house in his underwear most of the time and Paisley wants to be dressed complete with shoes. Whenever she gets up, most of the time she goes to her shoe box and picks out 2 matching shoes. She has even tried to put them on herself. Britt only started doing that since he was 3. I guess boys just don't care. Paisley rubs the soap in her hair when they get a bath. Britt would rather me do it. That happens with a lot of things.

It is so interesting to watch each one grow. I Love them both so much and am so thankful to God for allowing me to have them and raise them.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

Welcome to the blog world. We never get out and about either so all my posts are about C - but that is the way I wanted it for family and far away friends. I can come here now to see pictures and stories of you all! :)