Monday, March 23

Reading Books

Paisley has just started to get really interested in reading books. She will sit for a few seconds while you read to her but, she loves just paging through the books and looking at the pictures herself. We keep all the kids books in Britt's room so she has to wait until Britt gets up to look at them.

Britt never liked to sit still long enough to read until more recently. In fact, he would rather chew/rip the books instead of reading them (which was very frustrating). Now he uses them as a way to not go to bed as soon as he would have to if we didn't read them.

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The Traveling Turtle said...

The sitting still long enough for books is a theme at our house too.

She doesnt mind seeing picture books, but if you try and read her a story she is just not interested. there is just too much to be doing i guess.