Tuesday, March 17

Paisley's New Swing

Since we have had nice spring weather lately, we decided to get Paisley a baby swing. This video isn't the best representation of it but I wanted to get one of her laughing. It is so deep and funny.

Britt already has a big boy swing and now they can swing together. He is still at Meme and Papa's. I know he will be excited that Paisley can swing with him now.

Britt is coming back home tomorrow. I can't wait! His little dog Rusty misses him too. I was playing a video with Britt on it and Rusty kept turning his head side to side and whining at the speaker. It was so cute. Paisley keeps getting Britt's picture off of our table and looking at it and carrying it around. I am sure she also misses her big brother.

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