Thursday, March 1

Fun Times :)

We have had a busy last few weeks at the "White" house.  Life can be so boring and mundane and then all of the sudden everything happens at once.  All in the same week we had a wedding to attend, a birthday party to go to, and my sister came to visit from Pennsylvania (we LOVE Aunt Bobbi.)  I was a little nervous about how all this would be accomplished since the wedding and birthday party were on the same day but it all turned out perfectly. 

We attended the kid's cousin Celie's birthday party. I was very apprehensive about taking both kids by myself because I just never know how it is going to turn out.  The party was perfect though for my situation.  The setting was  in a gymnasium... great for not having to worry about where you kids are.  Paisley mainly played on the blow up slide with the other kids and Britt and I played with the various balls laying around the room.  He was such a good boy, I was so proud of him.   The food was even extremely kid friendly which was awesome.  Paisley's statement about the party was, "Mommy, I had SO MUCH FUN!"  A big "THANK YOU" to Matthew and Sarah for inviting us to their well thought out party!!!

The wedding was planned for that night and both of my sisters said they would keep the kids.  Let me tell you, it is so nice to have someone you trust to watch your kids.  I had no one when we lived in Gainesville and that was difficult at times.  The wedding was very nice and it was great to go with Adam and relax for a little while. 

Sadly, I have no pictures from our time with Aunt Bobbi :(  I honestly, did not think about it until after she left.  They kids had so much fun spending time with  her.  They don't get to see her that often but every time they see her, they just pick up where they left off.  Never that awkward shyness you sometimes get when kids haven't seen their relatives in a while.  I guess they can just sense how much she loves them.  Thank you Aunt Bobbi for coming to see us!!!

Here is a random picture taken when we went to pick up Britt from school yesterday.  I think the goggles just make the outfit.... Don't you?

P.S.  Paisley was such a big girl this morning.  Usually, I have to really coax her out of bed but not this morning.  She was wide awake smiling when I went in to get her.  I left for a minute to check on Britt in the shower and by the time I got back she was dressed complete with shoes and was making her bed.  Such a big girl!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how fast they grow up and learn how to do things all on their own! The goggles really do add the extra oomph to her outfit. Too cute!

I'm glad they had such a wonderful time with your sister. I'm sure the feeling was mutual.

Both of your kids were wonderful at the party. Celie really loved playing with them and I liked how she made her candle blowing out a family affair. :)


Marci White said...

Celie was really kind to include Britt and Paisley in her moment. It is so sweet to see them playing together. I am glad they are getting a chance to get to know each other and play together as they grow up. I always played with my cousins when I was little, they were some of my best friends.

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