Wednesday, February 8

I'm Back!

Well, it has been an extremely long time since I have updated my blog.  Quite frankly, I hadn't decided until this very moment if I was even going to post anymore.  I thought about it though and I do enjoy doing reviews and it is great to have an online documentary of my children's lives.  I enjoy looking back and seeing what my children were up to at a certain time.  I will recap the last few months briefly and then move on.....

We have been pretty busy with the holidays and life as a whole.  Christmas was nice we got to spend it with most of our family (my parents came for a visit.)  I miss my family all the time but over the holidays it is exceptionally hard for me, so having them here was a nice treat.  The kids had a blast and were spoiled rotten (as usual) with all the presents they received they are not lacking anything.

Soon after Christmas, we headed to Disney World.  Adam's parents were extremely generous and took us there as a family.   It was great being with everyone and enjoying Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  Britt absolutely love Hollywood Studio's, it was right up his alley.  He did have a bad cold that kept him from being up to par but he was still good most of the time.  Paisley was happy with anything we did.  She had a blast!   We really created some great memories on that trip that I think we all will cherish. 

Since getting back from our trip, life has slowly been getting back to normal.  It seems as though there is always something though.  I guess that is what makes life interesting.


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