Thursday, February 17

The Key To The Kingdom by Jeff Dixon

The story:

Grayson Hawkes learns how imaginative and elaborate Walt Disney World is when he accepts an invitation one sunny day from a trusted friend landing him in a world he never knew existed. Barely escaping a late night encounter, he finds himself desperately trying to solve a mysterious disappearance while trying to stay ahead of those who are chasing him. He navigates through the kingdom where knowledge of seemingly unimportant Disney facts and some divine help are the only way he can discover the lock that can only be opened by an ancient key. His world becomes even more complicated when he is captivated by mysterious woman, causing him to make a series of choices that takes his faith to the brink. Within the walls of Walt Disney World is more mystery than one imagination can contain. Here Disney Trivia is not a game; and the ancient key is the only way out!

My Thoughts
I was definitely intrigued when I received the chance to read The Key To The Kingdom by Jeff Dixon.  Since I had been to Disney recently, I was interested in just what this book was going to entail.  This is a fiction  novel based on some facts.  How many?  Well, that is for you to decide.  Once I started reading The Key To The  Kingdom I really did not want to put it down.  It really kept my attention and I wanted to see what happened next.   I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a story with a little mystery and suspense. 

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*This is my honest opinion.  I received the product above thanks to Bring it On Communications and Jeff Dixon. The book was given to me in exchange for review.  To view my full disclosure, click on the link at the top of this page. 


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Why are all these comments about following back? Anyway, I enjoyed your review. The title of the book made me think first of God's Kingdom and then I read about the Disney kingdom. You certainly didn't give anything away - is there a link to the supernatural? You mentioned faith and suspense and that you couldn't put it down. What ages would enjoy this?
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The Key To The Kingdom does have spirital reference. The main character Grayson Hawkes is a pastor and when given the "The Key To The Kingdom" has to make some difficult decisions through prayer about who to trust and how much he would be willing to do to figure out puzzle. I would say it is really for ages 16 and up.