Sunday, January 16

The Next Great Move Of God

The following book was sent to me thanks to the author Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn and Bring It On! Communications.

Book Synopsis: 

The Next Great Move of God will open your eyes to the Jewish world of Jesus. Most Christians are well versed on the topic of salvation but never leave the foot of the cross. As a result, they are likely to live defeated lives and experience many years of struggle and frustration. The purpose of this book is to equip you to look at your Bible through Hebrew eyes, thus helping you understand the need to be obedient to the entire Bible in your daily walk. You will learn the true meaning of the Holy Scriptures, understand that God has appointed times that He desires to meet with you and the principles necessary to enjoy a victorious life in Christ. Your new found obedience to the scriptures will finally answer your questions of success in faith, family, finances and much more.

My Thoughts:

This book is a very interesting study.  The author goes in depth with his research by using scripture to prove his points.  You can tell that the author has put a lot of time into this book.  I would recommnend this book to serious student of the Bible. 

You can read more about The Next Great Move Of God and the author's biography by visiting his website here

Disclosure:  I was sent this book in exchange for my review.  This is my honest opinion.  If you would like to view my full disclosure please click the link at the top of this page. 

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Isha Shiri said...

Hello! This book can be interesting, is the Torah (first testament) that begins all the monotheistic religions. Without understanding the Torah, the true lesson of life of Yeshuah loses the sense becouse he try was just spread the wisdom contained on "Taryag Mitzvot" or "613 commandments" donated by The L-rd.

Yeshuah lived as a Rabbi, spreading the word of YHWH, but he not was the Messiah, unfortunately for us.

I wish you Peace.