Tuesday, December 7

Zuvo Water Purator

Have you ever looked at your tap water and seen little things floating in your glass?  I have and it is pretty disgusting.  I honestly don't know if those things would hurt me or not but I really don't like looking at them.  I have always bought bottled water for my family to drink because of this and the fact that the water from the faucet just tastes funny. 

Well, I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to try the new Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System (thanks go Zuvo Water  and Sheblogs.org.)  I received the package today and immediately put the system to the test.

Set up was very simple.  All I had to do was unscrew aeration nozzle and gasket from my faucet and attach Zuvo's diverter valve assembly to it.  Then I plugged it in and after five minutes of intial filtering (you only have to do this the first time.)  I had fresh, purified water to drink with no more floaties.  It tasted great!    All in a matter of 8 minutes.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone in need of cleaner water. 

What It Does

Zuvo’s UV/Ozone filtration system reproduces nature’s photo-oxidation cleansing process, filtering impurities and reduces microorganisms, while preserving your water’s natural and healthy mineral content and adding fresh oxygen, giving it a delicious “pop”. It’s this “something extra” that makes users choose Zuvo over ordinary tap or bottled water every time!

About Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System

Easily installed above counter to a standard (threaded) faucet or under-counter connected directly to a Zuvo Beverage Faucet

Uses 8w UV bulb; requires less energy than a toaster

½ gallon-per-minute flow rate

Filter life of 400 gallons

Retails at $149.99

Why Zuvo? More Fun Facts

  • Better for your Health
  • Unlimited clean water… a godsend for people who live in “bad water areas” or are forced to drink well water. And see what Mother Nature Network says about us!
  • Better for your Wallet
  • Because Zuvo produces unlimited clean water, you get healthy water for only $.06/gallon versus $.20/gallon for pitcher water and over $1.00/gallon for bottled water.
  • Better for the Planet

With Zuvo, you can make a difference by not adding to the more than 60 million plastic water bottles that end up in our landfills every year.

You can check out more about the Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System on their website at http://www.zuvowater.com/index.html

Disclosure:  This is my honest opinion.  I was sent the product above in exchange for my review.  A big thank you to Zuvo Water and Sheblogs.org.  To view my full disclosure click on the link at the top of this page. 


mskanorado said...

Hmmm...I just might have to try this and/or buy one for a gift! My father lives a bit out of the city and I have noticed the "white floaties" in the water, and although I have never been worried about them hurting me, I think this would be a good gift! Thanks for the idea!

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